Davos Question 4G3W

The Davos Question-my answer 2008

Google Inc

From: idak, 1 day ago

presenting squeezed idea from Harvard Business Case's "Google Inc."

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Colors in owndated timestock 4G3W

Tagvaporating it's a free activity to increase the money personalization.

It may be done in Economy 4G3W by adding flavors and also by your choice of the money-time-colors after the fusion of any owndated webquantum (any 10€ datevalued parcel).

Here you may find a VisiBone 256 basis for your tagvaporator in your webcashmotor :



Just with my better web date, I keep my moment.
I-do-mark-My-money, webdating it in cashkeeping mode for webcashfishing position. This is the datevaluation webpowered flash to performe personal economic life.

I-do-mark-my-money with free production factors which I catch webfishingmatic. It's safe because the action is cashkeeping, it means my cash in my webcashaccount containing my condition to revert in cash bank money at any moment at my first call.
By communication motor (Mousephone, or others PC or Mac if 4G3W) for my savings web powered performance. And for my prodution in webmatic plusvalues. Because I like it.

With this new action "to datevalue the money" you may upgrade like me. From the classic economy done with 3 gestures - to save, to spend, to invest - and enter now you too in the New Economy 4G3W maded by addition of datevaluation resources.

It means that you use the screen of your communication motor - cellphone, computer, television & others - to datevalue your money for the work in the web. Producing automatic plusvalues in your datevalors account.
Probably you upgrade too, because you know that you can't save anymore. Because if you are able to give to the bank system100 € , bankers will credit your account less than 5 € one year latter. One year latter, if you do not move your money.
I find it wrong. And it is finishing for me. Because the inflation put down my value and the 105 € one year latter, schift to 98€. I was loosing my finantial power. I cannot save in such conditions.

That is why now I'm comming in the New Economy 4G3W and I-do-mark-My-money with my screen-cellphone-date.

And I feel free. Again I have got Hopes !
Esperanza !
(Read by Angellore)